Edmonton LED lighting

Our Sigma series potlights are the ultimate synthesis of design and technology. LEDs run cooler and last longer than any other light source in history. Lower temperatures mean that we can get more light out of a smaller fixture than ever before. Smaller fixtures mean designers have maximum design flexibility and unlimited creative freedom.

Artwork lives on the wall. It doesn’t move and neither should the light. Using a fi xed wall wash trim ensures that the beam of light doesn’t wander and distract from design elements. A choice of beam angles ensures that any size scallop of light can be produced. Fixed wall washers are ideal for architectural, retail, and hospitality environments. These trims are also perfect for down lighting in a slope-ceiling environment.

LED lights Edmonton

Pot Light Flexibility

Lights are available in 2 light outputs, 3 beam angles, with industry leading colour rendering performance. It is suitable for new construction, remodel and insulated applications. All trims are available in traditional or flangeless flush style

RGB Lights Edmonton

Built to Last

Construction is 100% die cast aluminum with matte finish paint. All items meet or exceed North American electrical, building code and energy efficiency requirements.

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We Work Directly With Your Builder

We work closely with your designer, architect and builder to come up with custom solutions that are designed to WOW!