Edmonton Automated Window Coverings

Once you have a Control4 automation platform in place there are endless number of devices and appliances that can be automated. Everything from Pool and Spa Control, DMX Lighting, Temperature and Humidity Control, Irrigation, TV Lifts and much more can be managed by a Control4 Automation System.

Manage your automated gate with Control with an intercom at the gate that can notify you when someone rings it or even drives up. Also you can have the gate close at a certain time ever evening so no one forgets.

Lighting Automation

HVAC Control

We have expertise in automating some of the most sophisticated HVAC systems out there, so whether you are replacing a simple thermostat or working with a zoned commercial heating system, we have the answers.

Smart Lighting

Irrigation Control

With the Rachio Smark Sprinkler Controller, you can manage your irrigation system from anywhere in the world. The system can water automatically based on the weather saving you water and money.

Automated Lights

Lifting Systems

Hide your TV, projector or appliances with a motorized lift.